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Divolca Surface Sunk Box 1-way 35mm Depth - DP0901-D

Divolca Surface Sunk Box 1-way 35mm Depth - DP0901-D

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Introducing the DP0901-D Surface Sunk Box from Divolca - the "Single Surface Box 35mm" for Maximum Safety and Convenience!

This high-quality integrated box boasts a robust 35mm depth, providing you with the perfect solution for housing electrical connections, switches, outlets, or other devices in any residential, commercial, or industrial setting.

With its surface-mounted design, you can easily install and enjoy the utmost safety and security for your electrical equipment.

When choosing the DP0901-D Surface Sunk Box, consider the size of your devices and the available space within the wall to ensure a seamless fit. Trust Divolca to deliver top-notch quality and reliability for all your electrical enclosure needs!

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