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Divolca E27 Angle Batten Holder (White) - DP0703-E

Divolca E27 Angle Batten Holder (White) - DP0703-E

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Introducing Divolca's E27 Angle Batten Holder - The Perfect Blend of Reliability and Versatility!

Meet the DP0703-E E27 Angle Batten Holder, available in both Black and White variants. Crafted with high-quality materials, this batten holder ensures durability and long-lasting performance, making it an ideal solution for all your lighting needs.

The E27 base, commonly known as the Edison Screw base or ES, is a standard size that provides seamless compatibility with a wide range of lighting options, including Compact Fluorescent Globes and LED globes.

Its design features high conductive brass plungers with SS springs and a brass with sink plated threaded cap, guaranteeing excellent conductivity and secure fitting.

Whether you're looking for a reliable light fitting for your home or commercial space, Divolca's E27 Angle Batten Holder is the perfect choice. Embrace quality and versatility in one exceptional product!

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