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Divolca 5Amp Plug Top (Transparent) - DP0201-T

Divolca 5Amp Plug Top (Transparent) - DP0201-T

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Stay powered with the Divolca 5Amp Plug Top - a high-quality and transparent electrical plug designed for safe and reliable connections.

This 5-amp plug top features three pins, ideal for lower power devices, and comes equipped with a high-quality fuse, high conductive brass plug pins with brass screws and plated screws, and current carrying pins with insulated sleeving for added safety.

Its transparent base allows for easy visibility of conductor connections to plug pins, while the finger grip ensures effortless removal. Crafted from polycarbonate, known for its high impact strength and fire retardant properties, this plug top boasts a firmly fixed cover and base, providing peace of mind and durability for your electrical needs.

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