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Divolca 13A Travel Adaptor - M-13A

Divolca 13A Travel Adaptor - M-13A

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"Stay Connected and Safe While Traveling with the Divolca M-13A 13A Travel Adaptor! This reliable and long-lasting travel adaptor is designed for international adventurers, meeting the highest safety standards to provide a secure and high-quality connection wherever you go.

Its pure White color surface complements its sleek design, featuring a flat contact surface for seamless electrical connectivity with the 13A plug.

Safety is paramount, as the adaptor includes sleeves for L and N pins to prevent accidental contacts, and a protective cover for L and N socket contacts. The red indicator ensures a clear ON indication.

Crafted from high-impact, fire-retardant materials, and incorporating high-quality metal components, this travel adaptor guarantees superior continuity and durability, making it the perfect companion for your global journeys."

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