Divolca 5A Travel Adaptor with Surge Protector - MS-5A

Divolca 5A Travel Adaptor with Surge Protector - MS-5A

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Stay Powered and Protected Anywhere with Divolca MS-5A Travel Adaptor - Your Reliable Surge Protector for International Charging!

The Divolca MS-5A Travel Adaptor is the perfect companion for your global adventures. Designed with a pure White color surface, this high-quality accessory ensures seamless international charging while keeping your valuable devices safe from dangerous voltage fluctuations. Its built-in surge protector safeguards your electronics from voltage spikes and surges, providing you with ultimate peace of mind while you travel.

Crafted with precision, the flat contact surface of the socket contacts guarantees optimal electrical connectivity with the 5A plug. The addition of sleeves for L and N pins ensures no accidental contacts occur, prioritizing safety above all else. The clever design covers L and N socket contacts, reducing the risk of accidents and providing clear ON indication through the red indicator.

Built to last, the MS-5A Travel Adaptor is constructed from materials with high impact strength and fire retardant properties. The high-quality metal components ensure superior continuity and durability, offering reliable performance throughout your journeys. Plus, the compact size allows for easy replacement of the fuse if burnt, without disrupting the socket outlet's ON/OFF function.

Don't compromise on safety or convenience during your travels. Choose the Divolca MS-5A Travel Adaptor for a worry-free and reliable charging experience, wherever you go.

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